Restart Scheme

Unemployed since 2016 until the Restart Scheme helps George* find work

27th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

Health issues had stopped George finding work. Unemployed since 2016, he struggled with ongoing blood pressure problems due to feeling anxious and fearful about getting back into work. He also has a fear of heights.

When George met his Work Coach, Cherag Ali from Serco, Cherag ensured he met George on the ground floor of the building, rather than the 8th floor where the Serco office is situated, which put George at ease straight away so George felt was able to be more open about the needs and support he required.

George was very active in his job search with the tailored 1-2-1 support from Cherag. They worked together to create a new CV, attending an interview skills course to build his confidence levels as well as going through the Better Off Calculation to show George that he would be much better off in work.

George found work as a cleaner and driver, finding out he was successful on the day he had the interview! The Restart Scheme is continuing to check in with George to make sure he’s happy in the role and are also supporting with additional work-related costs like suitable clothing and commuting until he gets established.



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