Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme helps individual that was unemployed for 8 years find work

13th Sep 2022 Restart Scheme

Katherine* joined the Restart Scheme after being unemployed for eight years. Living in a remote location with no driving licence resulted in access to public transport being limited and expensive. This meant that any jobs she saw advertised were usually ruled out as she could only get to places when the buses ran. And although she had Health and Social care qualifications, she had no work experience. This was proving to be a huge barrier for Katherine in finding work.

Katherine was set up with her Job Coach Anneliese from Maximus Remploy. Katherine had last updated her CV in 2014 so Anneliese worked with her to update it and make it more appealing to employers.

The Restart Scheme Employment Engagement team also got involved and contacted a company that they thought would be a good match for Katherine, fortunately, they had a position available. Katherine was then given coaching on the company to find out more about them and was put forward for an interview.

Thankfully, Katherine was successful in getting the job. The role was part-time with the opportunity to work extra hours and a job that she really wants to progress in. When she visited the Maximus Remploy office for her Restart Scheme ongoing support, she was like a new person, very bubbly and excited to be working. She said:

“I can’t thank you enough, you have done more for me in the past few months than anyone has in a long time.”


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