Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme helps job seeker gain confidence to find work

28th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

When Damien joined the Restart Scheme, he was lacking confidence and direction. He was struggling to find permanent work due to living in a rural location and the lack of transport options.

Damien’s Work Coach, Sam Davies from Reed-In Partnership, helped Damien to re-write his CV. This provided great feedback from potential employers and generated more interviews for Damien. Damien also did a refresher course on interview skills.

Damien’s hard work paid off as he was offered two different jobs! After deliberating, he decided to go with the second job he was offered; a full-time Head Breakfast Chef at a local Beefeater.

Since starting in role, Reed-In-Partnership have been keeping in contact with Damien. They also covered his fuel costs in his first few weeks of work which enabled him to start work straight away. Damien said:

“Jenny and Sam from Reed-In-Partnership were great. I didn’t think that they could do much for me, but only after a few weeks on the Restart Scheme, I had a new CV and a job interview that offered me a full-time position”.


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