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Restart Scheme host networking event in Coventry with great results

9th Aug 2022 Restart Scheme

Coventry City Council (CCC) recently held a variety of European Social Fund (ESF) programmes including ‘Succeed’, ‘Connect2Ambition2’ and ‘Your Vision Your Future’. These programmes aim to support people in Coventry, from a variety of backgrounds, into training and employment. 

The programmes had been well received, however, during conversations between everyone involved including Clive Thomas the Partnership Coordinator for the Restart Scheme and CCC, it was identified that a closer working relationship needed to be developed by all parties and a better mechanism for referrals onto the programmes needed to be agreed.

To facilitate this, Clive organised and hosted an ESF networking event which took place in Coventry city centre. Many providers from ESF and Restart Scheme’s service provider partners attended to discuss the way forward with the local authority. On the day, CCC agreed to develop a standard referral form, invite all partners to future events and gather feedback from the events and share learnings. This would enable everyone to work in a more joined-up approach in the future.

Feedback from the day included:

“Really good buzz and positive environment.”

 “Very well organised and friendly atmosphere. Had plenty of time to engage with other services - didn't feel rushed.”

 “Very beneficial for grant funded programmes and for partners to meet face to face and networking.”


It was agreed by everyone that the networking event was a resounding success and that it should be done on a regular basis to maintain best practice. Since the event, there has been a one-page referral form created which has benefitted everyone. 

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