Restart Scheme

Rhyl JCP praise Restart Scheme for creating a 'dovetail service'

22nd Jun 2022 Restart Scheme

Ethan Ray, Rhyl JCP Site Lead, has praised one of Serco’s delivery partners, Remploy, for
their ongoing commitment to bolstering working relationships between themselves and
the JCP office. Ethan says:

"I was invited to join a weekly meeting with Remploy and in attendance were staff from
different Restart Scheme offices and employment advisers. This meeting provided an
excellent forum for individual case conferencing, sharing knowledge and good practice,
raising and addressing issues and sharing good news stories.

Having these meetings on a weekly basis has enabled a more fluid and flexible service
which puts solutions in place to address issues immediately. Ultimately providing a more
joined-up, dovetailed service.

Common challenges we face is Claimants playing JCP and Providers off against each other,
a disjointed approach to interventions, and failures to attend appointments. By creating a
stronger working relationship between the JCP and providers, like Remploy, we have
devised a joined-up partnership approach to interventions. In addition, sending Restart
appointments through Universal Credit Journal and having discussions at JCP
appointments regarding mandatory appointments has also helped overcome these

Overall, being given the opportunity to attend the weekly meeting with Restart Scheme
staff has been a huge asset to the JCP in delivering the Restart Scheme in a successful
manner. As the Site Lead, being able to attend these meetings has been a huge benefit in
driving forwards referrals and making the programme a success for Participant,
stakeholder and the DWP alike."

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