Restart Scheme

Sara starts her new job in hospitality in Cardiff

16th Nov 2021 Restart Scheme


Single mum Sara* was feeling isolated and struggling to find work. She was introduced to her dedicated Job Coach, Theresa from Remploy, a delivery partner of Serco’s Restart Scheme in South Wales. The two built good rapport and together, made sense of her situation, and began to unearth her inner-confidence.

Requiring a job that could fit around the school run and was commutable by foot or public transport, Theresa identified a suitable match at the Clayton Hotel. During a mock interview, it became evident that Sara was an exceptional candidate but recent knockbacks had dented her self-confidence and she felt unable to sell herself in conversation. Sara was coached through the STAR technique to draw from her previous work experiences to enhance her interview responses.

On the day of her interview, Sara met with Theresa to pick up a hard copy of her CV, and received a pep-talk. A fully prepared Sara had a successful interview and went on to secure the role, whilst funding was made available so she could afford suitable work shoes and transport to and from work until her first payday. 

Sara continues to receive Theresa’s support as she settles into her new role. This includes a signposting service and coaching on time management techniques. 


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