Restart Scheme

Shumed secures Ikea role through the Restart Scheme

5th Dec 2023 Restart Scheme

Shumed was unemployed and unsure on where he wanted to go in terms of his career. Shumed had initially pursued a security course, but this didn’t work out for him which affected his confidence levels. Shumed was looking for a role that would suit him in the long term, as he didn’t want to go into a job that he wouldn’t enjoy.

Joining the Restart Scheme, Shumed was assigned Claire Freeman from Steps to Work as his Job Coach. Looking for suitable roles, Shumed was invited to an interview at IKEA and worked with Clare to undertake mock 1-to-1 interviews to help with his confidence. The Restart Scheme was also able to support Shumed with travel costs to the interview.

As a result of his hard work and support from his friends and family, Shumed secured a part time role at IKEA in the sales department. To support him until his first paycheck, the Restart Scheme has supported Shumed with travel costs which has helped him financially in the run up to Christmas and made him more confident. Shumed is now working at IKEA as a Sales Assistant and is thoroughly enjoying his role there.


"I am thrilled to work at IKEA, a chance to learn, grow, and contribute to my community".


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