Restart Scheme

Single father secures employment that works around his childcare

28th Jan 2022 Restart Scheme

After having to give up work for two years to care for a family member, Sam was ready to get back to work. But as a single father, he was finding it difficult to secure employment that would work around his childcare responsibilities. Added to this, his CV was outdated, and he had difficulties accessing the internet at home.   

Tabitha, Sam’s Job Coach at Standguide, worked with him to identify different career options and then helped him to update his CV and complete applications. Sam also attended job search sessions at the office so he could access the internet to apply for roles.   

All this hard work paid off as he received invitations for two different interviews! To get Sam ready for the interviews, Standguide helped Sam to organise a birth certificate to prove his right to work and provided bespoke interview preparation so he could feel confident.  

Being offered both positions meant that Sam was able to choose, so he accepted the full-time role as a food production operative at a nationwide food company as it would work best around his childcare requirements.  

The support did not end there, as Sam received help with travel costs in the first week of his new job to ease his transition back into full-time employment.  

Sam is now saving up for driving lessons and is enjoying being a positive role model for his daughter. 

Tabitha is delighted with the outcome: “Sam is a perfect example of the positive impact the Restart Scheme can make to someone’s life. He had struggled to find work and was disenchanted and lacking confidence. Sam utilised the intensive support available to regain his confidence and increase his skillset so he could find a role that worked around his childcare responsibilities and provide financial security and an optimistic future for himself and his family.” 


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