Restart Scheme

Suraj secures his first job through the Restart Scheme

7th Aug 2023 Restart Scheme

Prior to joining the Restart Scheme, Suraj had never been employed. Although he had a few interviews, Suraj wasn’t successful due to having had little interview practice and a lack of confidence. 

Suraj’s Job Coach, Cherag Ali from Serco, referred Suraj to the Serco Restart Scheme Training and Development team, where he attended courses to help boost his confidence and develop his interview skills. This included the creation of PowerPoint presentations to practice speaking and mock interviews with his Job Coach. Suraj’s CV was also reviewed and updated to aid with his job search.

As a result of the actions that took place with his Job Coach, Suraj’s confidence improved which was notable from his, now positive, outlook from being on the Restart Scheme. Suraj was offered an apprenticeship, alongside additional support provided by the Restart Scheme including support with travel and work clothes. This assistance will last for a further 6 months to ensure Suraj is supported financially with his new role.

Suraj said:

“I am really happy to get a job with help from Cherag and the Serco Restart Scheme. This definitely would not have been possible without their help”.


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