Restart Scheme

“The Restart Scheme gave me the confidence to apply for roles I thought I lacked the experience for.”

10th Dec 2021 Restart Scheme


Despite an impressive ten years of experience in Retail, and numerous transferable skills, Charlie* was under-selling himself by only applying for entry-level roles. It was quickly identified by his Serco Job Coach, Elliot, that Charlie’s CV was too modest and needed to highlight his excellent communication skills and supervisory experience gained when he provided cover in sister stores.

Together, they agreed Charlie was more than capable of securing a Team Leader or Supervisor role and rewrote his CV and Cover Letter to better reflect his managerial experience and achievements. Several retailers in Cardiff offered him an interview and Charlie was offered and accepted a Supervisor role at a store specialising in men’s gifts and gadgets. When asked what he thought about the scheme, Charlie said:

“My experience with the Restart Scheme had been a positive one for many reasons. Elliot talked to me about my transferable skills which was helpful because it gave me the confidence to apply for roles that I used to think I lacked the experience for. In our first meeting we spent an hour discussing what my objectives were and how I could achieve them and that really made the difference.”


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