Restart Scheme

The Restart Scheme helps a Welsh carer to manufacture a new career

10th Dec 2021 Restart Scheme


When Richard* first joined the Restart Scheme, he told his Job Coach at ELITE Supported Employment, that he was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of his job goals following years as the main carer for a family member. Furthermore, public transport in his local area only ran during daytime hours, which reduced his options for work.

During his first meeting with Natalie, his Job Coach, Richard explained he’d been looking for care-led vacancies and was despondent because he’d had no response to his applications. It quickly became evident to Natalie that rather than care work, his experience lay in manufacturing, and his CV and job searching skills needed updating. She arranged for ELITE’s Employer Engagement Officer to help Richard rethink his CV and to draw up a list of suitable opportunities for him. 

With a professional CV that he could upload online, Richard was starting to feel more confident. So, when ELITE identified a Production Operative role with daytime hours, he snapped up the chance to have an informal chat with the employer, who then offered him an interview. To prepare, Richard undertook job interview training and Natalie showed him how to use the app to plan his daily commute. He was offered the role and is settling into his new workplace with ongoing support from Natalie to further build his confidence.


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