Restart Scheme

Tony closes the deal as he starts a new role that mirrors his talent for sales

27th Oct 2021 Restart Scheme

Being unemployed for two years may have taken its toll on Tony*, but it didn’t quite extinguish his natural enthusiasm. In fact, it came back brighter during his first job trial with a local Redditch employer, where he made as many sales as the experienced employees within the business.

In the two months leading up to the trial day and subsequent job offer, Tony was referred onto the Restart Scheme and instantly hit it off with Jordan, his Job Coach from Seetec Pluss. As well having strong skillsets and previous experience in sales, it was obvious Tony was a natural rapport builder and suited to any customer facing position.

So, with help from Jordan, Tony refined his CV to focus on sales and took onboard advice provided to strengthen his approach to job searching and performing in interviews. With his enthusiasm rekindled the search took off like wildfire. Tony was targeting relevant local job opportunities and Jordan was working to develop strong relationships with local employers.

And one local employer was willing to interview and offer Tony a trial day immediately. With a little more coaching to build on what had already been provided, Tony turned up on the day determined to smash it. And his natural sales ability won through. He was offered a job on the spot, and the employer was so impressed by such a quality candidate, that it’s going to work closely with Seetec Pluss for any future recruitment requirements. 

It’s little wonder. The Restart Scheme works well for both employers and candidates because Seetec Pluss, in this instance, worked closely with the employer to evaluate their needs and provided Tony with ‘pre’ and ‘in’ employment training so he can continue to deliver for the employer. Tony, on the other hand receives a little help with travel expenses and ongoing coaching to mentor him in his new role so he continues to excel and have the confidence to look forward to developing within the company.


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