Restart Scheme

"Without the Restart Scheme I would still be unemployed"

8th Oct 2021 Restart Scheme

When hardworking Jason* fell out of employment, he applied the same rigour to finding new work as he had to every job he’d held. But as each attempt returned the same result, he felt his confidence and self-esteem slowly ebbing away. 

Anouska, Jason’s Job Coach at Pathway Group could see he was dejected and needed support to re-energise. But more so, she knew his specialist experience in metalworking made him stand out.  

She really believed in Jason and encouraged him to only focus on roles that reflected his strengths, which included working in a critical health and safety environment and experience of operating machinery such as forklift trucks and cranes.  

Knowing someone had his back, made Jason feel much more positive and he was soon ready to approach local industrial businesses. And when he was invited to interview at a scrap metal yard, he shone and was offered full-time work as a Recycling Operative.  

Jason is really excited to start his new role: “Without Anouska’s help and coaching before the interview, I would still be unemployed. I would recommend the Restart Scheme to anyone.” 


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