Restart Scheme

Improving access to the Restart Scheme for job seekers with complex needs

14th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme


Every job seeker’s journey into work is different, which is why we continually improve the provisions we provide for a range of people. And this is especially true for people with disabilities and significant physical or mental health conditions. 

Aware of this, our Partnership team identified a way to strengthen the route to work for people with complex health needs. It became apparent that many of the Disability Employability Advisors (DEAs) at Job Centre Plus were unfamiliar of the wide range of support available and not necessarily referring people who required a Disability Employability assessment onto the Restart Scheme.  

So, the DWP Partnership Managers and the Serco Partnership teams delivered Complex Needs sessions across Wales and West Central England for all DEAs. This was crucial as DEAs help Work Coaches decide which support programme is suitable for job seekers in their care, and both parties need to feel confident the Restart Scheme will provide the best outcome. 

Feedback for the Complex Needs sessions was very positive, with many DEAs saying they were informative and helpful. All the Supply Chain partners outlined their support on offer for job seekers with complex needs and highlighted real scenarios where their support had resulted in successful outcomes. Then, our Partnership team, who now meet regularly with the DEAs, explained how they source additional wrap around support to help further if required.  

Whilst the results of the new relationships that have been built are ongoing, it is evident that the DEAs are now more aware of the range of support available and are confidently referring more people to receive support from the Restart Scheme.

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