Restart Scheme

“It will be a good Christmas this year” for Cardiff warehousing worker

21st Dec 2021 Restart Scheme


Despite a history of work in warehousing and construction, Owen* had been unemployed for over two years having found it hard to secure work within a commutable distance using public transport. As the months rolled on, Owen felt that the only affordable job for him to start would be within walking distance as his funds for a commute via public transport began to dwindle.  

Fortunately, with Restart Scheme pre-employability support and funding to cover travel expenses, Owen was able to broaden his search area and secure work.  

He is now optimistic about the future: “It will be a good Christmas this year! I am really enjoying my new role and I’m hoping some of my friends will also be able to find similar work too soon.” 

When Owen first met with his PeoplePlus Job Coach, Lee, a tailored support plan was devised to help him overcome his barriers to work, including not having stable accommodation, and secure long-term work. Lee said:  

“Together, we looked at different roles but due to a high number of applicants, responses were few. We set about devising and following an action plan for him. Eager for Owen not to lose momentum until we could secure an interview for him, I spoke to him about Staffline, who resource warehouse work for a household name supermarket chain in Newport, and his interest really peaked.  

“Owen made himself available for an informal interview with Staffline the next day and following a 45-minute conversation, he was offered the role. Our office staff know Owen well and we were all delighted that he has found a position. 

“With travel expenses covered through Restart Scheme funding until his first payday, Owen was excited to start his new job and having security over Christmas and beyond. Once he has built up some savings, he is looking to rent his own accommodation.”   


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