Restart Scheme

Unemployed to a full-time role in just two weeks!

8th Nov 2021 Restart Scheme


After being forced take a career break to battle health issues, Rhys was eager to get back on his feet. But then the pandemic struck which meant fewer opportunities so Rhys got nowhere with his job search. After a difficult couple of years, it was the last thing he needed.

With many companies still reluctant to recruit, his Serco Job Coach, Elliot, recognised that Rhys would need to really focus his search on customer facing roles which suited his personality and experience.

This view was shared by Serco’s Employer Engagement team, which was managing the recruitment for a contact centre in Cardiff. And significantly, the working hours for the role would allow Rhys to best manage his health.

To improve his chances of being successful, the team carried out a pre-screening call with Rhys to go over what the role would entail and most importantly settle his nerves for the interview.

Just two weeks into his time on the Restart Scheme, Rhys was offered the full-time role! He has already started training for his new job as a Contact Advisor and is loving every minute:

“The training has been fun and there is lots of information to absorb. It’s amazing what we are capable of when we push ourselves!”

Cerys, Senior Team Manager at the contact centre, is delighted with Rhys and is full of praise for Serco’s Employer Engagement team: 

“We have not worked with Serco’s Employer Engagement team for very long but their dedication and enthusiasm to get people back into work is amazing. We look forward to continue working with Serco.”


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