Restart Scheme

Welsh Carer supported back to work after two years unemployed

25th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme


Juggling job hunting with caring responsibilities and a house move was a huge challenge for Tracey. But with help from the Restart Scheme, she has started a new job in care after two years unemployed. 

Tracey told her Job Coach, Megan, that she had previously spent a few years volunteering in a care home and had decided this was the field she wanted to work in. Megan could see this valuable experience would make Tracey the ideal candidate, plus she had already had transferable skills gained from working in retail and cleaning, such as customer service, time-keeping and organisation.  

With a rapport built, Tracey confided in Megan that she had learning difficulties and therefore required a bit of extra help with her writing. Megan reassured her that this was no problem at all, and got to work supporting Tracey to write and polish her CV, and complete application forms.  

Then once Tracey started to receive invitations to interview, Megan introduced Tracey to the in-house Employability Coach, who provided additional support through confidence coaching and interview preparation sessions so Tracey could hone her technique.  

It wasn’t just practical support; Megan recognised Tracey had a lot on her plate, so she continued to reassure her and was on hand to source any additional support.  

This holistic approach paid off as Tracey managed to secure a role as Carer at a local care home and she started in March. 

Best of luck in your new role! 

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