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14th Jun 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Can I learn cyber security on my own and should I learn cyber security skills?

Find out the benefits of learning cyber security skills and how you can gain these skills at no cost to you.

14th Jun 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Can I support my people to learn cyber security and should I invest time in cyber security skills?

FInd out more about why you should invest time and support your people to learn cyber security skills to support your business.

10th Jun 2022 Restart Scheme

Shropshire jobseeker overcomes confidence and anxiety issues to secure role in care

Megan* had been unemployed since 2009, due to this long-term period of unemployment, Megan was suffering from severe confidence and anxiety issues when she joined the Restart Scheme in November 2021. With the help of her Job Coach Josh, she overcame these barriers to secure a full-time position in the care sector. 

6th Jun 2022 Restart Scheme

Cwmbran Illustrator now working towards her dream career of becoming a Tattoo Artist with the help of her Restart Scheme Job Coach

Laura* had always dreamed of utilising her Illustration degree and becoming a professional Tattoo Artist, but she’d faced several barriers in life, such as caring responsibilities, which have held her back. Fortunately, with the help of her People Plus Job Coach, Laura is now on-track to realising her dream. 

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