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31st Jan 2023 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme supports homeless woman to find work with the DWP

Wolverhampton | Restart Scheme helps a homeless woman to find a job.

Sara was living at a women’s refuge when she started on the Restart Scheme. She had been unemployed for over 2 years. Read more here. 

26th Jan 2023 Restart Scheme

Jordan* overcomes prejudice to find a job through the Restart Scheme

Birmingham | Jordan overcomes prejudice to find a new job.

When Jordan started on the Restart Scheme, he was very frustrated. All his job applications kept being rejected because he had a criminal record. Read more here. 

25th Jan 2023 Restart Scheme

Ian finds work through the Restart Scheme after a knock of confidence

Sparkhill |  Ian had difficulties in speaking due to having throat surgery. 

He had been living in supported accommodation and was lacking in confidence with his job search as he perceived his age would be a barrier to him finding work. Read more here. 


24th Jan 2023 Restart Scheme

Unemployed for 28 years until the Restart Scheme helped Darren find work

Bangor | Unemployed for 28 years until the Restart Scheme helped Darren find work.

At 60 years old, Darren had been out of work for 28 years. He had been on multiple welfare-to-work programmes over the years but to no avail. Read more here.

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