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29th Jul 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

How can a business utilise Software Development skills and how can a Software Developer support a business?

Find out more about how Software Development and Software Developers can help a business.

29th Jul 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

What is Software Development and what does a Software Developer do?

Find out more about what Software Development is and what a Software Developer does.

27th Jul 2022 Restart Scheme

After 8 years of unemployment, Restart Scheme helps single mum back into work

Black Country | Being unemployed for many years had left Yasmin* feeling low. She had been suffering from mental health problems and had gone through legal cases with social services due to mistreatment from her ex-partner. Read the full story here.

22nd Jul 2022 Restart Scheme

Language barrier doesn’t stop Amir* from getting a full-time position through the Restart Scheme

Birmingham | Despite a having a degree in Aerodynamics from Iran, Amir* struggled to find work. Joining the Restart Scheme opened up job opportunities in areas he had not previously considered and helped him gain confidence in communicating in English.

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