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28th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

Single parent overcomes language barrier to find a job and further study

Telford | Single parent overcomes language barrier.

Amira* was restricted to working school hours due to being a single parent with no additional support. She also struggled finding work as her understanding of the English language was limited. Read more here. 

27th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

Unemployed since 2016 until the Restart Scheme helps George* find work

Birmingham | Restart Scheme helps George* find work.

Health issues had stopped George finding work. Unemployed since 2016, he struggled with ongoing blood pressure problems due to feeling anxious and fearful about getting back into work. Read more here.

27th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

Mobility issues doesn’t stop Raj finding work

Wolverhampton | Mobility issues doesn’t stop Raj.

Raj had stopped working and didn’t know what he wanted to do next. He needed some guidance and support to look for the right role and was lacking motivation. Read more here. 

26th Apr 2023 Restart Scheme

Serco Restart Scheme supporting over 50s into employment

In March 2023, the Serco Restart Scheme hosted its first in-person Local Engagement Meetings across the Wales and West Central areas since the start of the Scheme in 2021. Read more here. 

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