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25th Jan 2024 Restart Scheme

A journey from full time carer and overcoming bereavement, to successfully being employed

Halesowen | A journey from full time carer

Karim had been a carer for his mother since he was 14 years old, until she passed away 2 and a half years agom and he he had never been employed. Read more here. 


23rd Jan 2024 Restart Scheme

Amazon Job Success for Berhane through the Restart Scheme

Birmingham | Amazon Job Success for Berhane

Berhane has no family In England and spoke no English. He had worked on demolition sites in Sudan and was used to hard work and long hours. Read more here. 

22nd Jan 2024 Restart Scheme

Jake Secures National Express Role through the Restart Scheme

Birmingham | Jake Secures National Express Role

Jake has underlying medical conditions and Aspergers, both of which have impacted his confidence when considering and looking for employment. Read more here.

18th Jan 2024 Restart Scheme

David starts working as a School Cleaner after 15 years of unemployment

Wolverhampton | David start working as a School Cleaner

David, a single father, has been out of the workforce since 2008, dedicating his time to raising his young children. Read more here.

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