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29th Mar 2022 Restart Scheme

Single Dad takes control of his life for himself and his daughter in Hereford

Due to dependency, Dave* was unable to attend meetings with his Job Coach, Sam, ultimately leading to mandation to attend. But Sam was determined for this to not set the tone for their future meetings. He worked hard to create a neutral, non-judgemental environment where Dave could feel safe to openly share about his struggles and explore suitable work that met his needs.

29th Mar 2022 Restart Scheme

Empowering the Black Country community through free digital skills training 

The digital skills gap is prevalent across West Central England where Serco delivers the Restart Scheme. As the Deputy Principal of The Recovery College explains, “Feeling inadequate or under-skilled when everything in our lives today is on a digital platform can be devastating for an individual’s wellbeing.”  

15th Mar 2022 Restart Scheme

Cody hits the jackpot in his hometown thanks to the Restart Scheme

When he was referred onto the Restart Scheme, frustration and anxiety had affected Cody’s* behaviour to such an extent he was asked by his parents to move into his Grandparents home to ‘cool off’. At this point, he recognised having a job would help him get his life on track, but with no employment background and little confidence, he was finding it difficult to see a way forward.  

15th Mar 2022 Restart Scheme

Back to work after 17 years and a promotion on the horizon

Caring duties meant Amber* had been out of the workforce for 17 years and felt unconfident, left behind and unsure of where to start on her job search. 

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