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31st May 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme provides tailored support to help participant overcome redundancy and emotional turmoil

After 17 years in a job, Chris was devastated when he was made redundant in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. This was followed by a year of countless job application rejections which severely knocked his confidence. He suffered another blow when a close family member passed away but such was his determination to find work, he resolved to continue his search for employment through the support of the Restart Scheme. 

27th May 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

What are some examples of cyber security risks a business could face?

Find out more about the cyber security risks facing businesses.

27th May 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Are cyber security roles in demand and what could I earn in a cyber security role?

Find out more about what you could earn in a high demand cyber security role.

27th May 2022 Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Why is cyber security important and how can it help your business?

Find out why cyber security is important and how it can help your business.

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