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14th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Improving access to the Restart Scheme for job seekers with complex needs

Every job seeker’s journey into work is different, which is why we continually improve the provisions we provide for a range of people. And this is especially true for people with disabilities and significant physical or mental health conditions. 

14th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Mature of age and unemployed for 16 years was no barrier for the Restart Scheme

When he was referred from Walsall Job Centre Plus onto the Restart Scheme, James had been unemployed for more than 16 years and was in his 50s. But after securing work with help from his Job Coach, Chris at the Pathway Group, he says he’d recommend it to anyone who is unemployed. 

13th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme supports Coventry-based meat processing firm, Beckett’s Foods

Serco’s Restart Scheme has helped a Coventry-based food production business to find, attract and retain the right people. Beckett’s Foods, a multi-site company, that produces over 1,000 tonnes of pork products each week, wants to remain grounded to its local routes and attract Coventry-based employees to help boost the local economy and continue operating under an ethos of being a family-run business.  

13th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Conquering interview nerves to secure a full-time role

After being unemployed for 18 months, Reba was determined to get back to work locally in Birmingham. But despite securing multiple interviews, none of them had turned into an actual job offer as nerves got the better of her each time, resulting in her inability to communicate why she was the best hire for the role. Reba turned to her Restart Scheme Job Coach, Maadiya, for help.  

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