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25th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Welsh Carer supported back to work after two years unemployed

Juggling job hunting with caring responsibilities and a house move was a huge challenge for Tracey. But with help from the Restart Scheme, she has started a new job in care after two years unemployed. 

25th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Kidderminster retail worker says “This is the year that my life is going to finally get better!” thanks to the Restart Scheme

When Maria* was referred onto the Restart Scheme, her confidence and self-esteem were at an all-time low following an abusive relationship. She had previously given up work to look after her three children but was now ready to find a job and build a future for her family. 

25th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

“I finally feel like a valued member of a team again.” - Disheartened Aberystwyth factory worker supported back into work

Having secured work almost immediately once he’d been referred to the Restart Scheme, Justin explains, “I had spent a couple of years out of work and was having no luck even securing a job interview. It was disheartening especially as the media were reporting record job opportunities. 

22nd Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

"The Restart Scheme boosted my confidence when I felt like giving up”

Lauren’s* self-confidence and trust in her ability to find work had been eroded when she experienced domestic violence in her homelife. And despite having a level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification, she felt her skillsets were outdated because she wasn’t confident using IT. 

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