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12th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Targeted search to find work in dream sector

With experience in the Iraqi army and police force, as well as a UK security badge under his belt, Usman* was motivated to find work but he was struggling because he only spoke limited English.  

12th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme resolves long term unemployment and anxiety for Ludlow jobseeker

Not having paid employment for six years and with no qualifications behind her, Louise* was finding searching for a job daunting. But her biggest concern was her anxiety, which she worried could spiral quickly and affect her mental health. 

12th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

The Restart Scheme was just the ticket for Michael

Michael*, a mature individual who had been a bus driver in Handsworth for 18 years, was made redundant during the pandemic. With a stable job unexpectedly lost later in life his confidence suffered; something that was compounded by uncertainty in how to find a job in today’s online world. 

6th Apr 2022 Restart Scheme

From redundancy to dream job in childcare thanks to the Restart Scheme

Morgan wasn’t expecting to be made redundant during the pandemic from her call centre role she’d held for three years, and her confidence took a knock. Initially, she’d tried a change in career direction back to childcare, her dream role which she held qualifications in. However, her mental health deteriorated each time she was rejected for a role due to lack of recent experience, and she no longer felt she could successfully apply for these vacancies.  

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