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16th Sep 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme host work experience days in West Central and Wales

In July this year, the Restart Scheme held 10-day work experience sessions for Restart Scheme Participants at their offices for West Central and Wales. The aim of the sessions was to support the Participants by giving them valuable work experience that they can include on their CVs when applying for jobs. Read more here.

15th Sep 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme helps man with mental health challenges to overcome barriers to become a self-employed gym owner

Birmingham | When Mark* joined the Restart Scheme, he was in a bad way. He had recently separated from his wife, which resulted in him not having access to see his children. He was suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia, and was living in supported council housing. Read the full story here.

15th Sep 2022 Restart Scheme

Lack of confidence doesn’t stop Saphia from getting a job through the Restart Scheme

Bargoed | Saphia was referred to the Restart Scheme in October 2021. Saphia was an experienced Administrator with a wealth of experience, but her lack of confidence was stopping her from getting a job. Her Employment Advisor, Sarah Davies from People Plus, formulated a bespoke and purposeful action plan that enabled Saphia to take small, but effective steps forward. Read more here.

13th Sep 2022 Restart Scheme

Restart Scheme helps individual that was unemployed for 8 years find work

Llanelli | Katherine* joined the Restart Scheme after being unemployed for eight years. Living in a remote location with no driving licence resulted in access to public transport being limited and expensive. This meant that any jobs she saw advertised were usually ruled out as she could only get to places when the buses ran. Read more here.

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