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8th Nov 2021 Restart Scheme

Unemployed to a full-time role in just two weeks!

Cardiff | After being forced to take a carer break to battle health issues, Rhys was eager to get back to work. But the pandemic struck and he was getting nowhere with his job search. Read how the Restart Scheme helped Rhys to get back on his feet in just two weeks! 

5th Nov 2021 Restart Scheme

It’s the people who make the service

Redditch Job Centre has commended the Restart Scheme’s “inspirational work” for driving positive change at the earliest opportunity for its participants. Jav, a Job Coach for Seetec Pluss, has been recognised for his patience and understanding. 

4th Nov 2021 Restart Scheme

“I was treated with respect and not just undermined as a job seeker”

Sadia* loved helping others volunteering at a mental health organisation, but after three years of jumping from one temporary role to another, she was the one who needed support to keep her dream alive.

3rd Nov 2021 Restart Scheme

Keiren's employability journey is in his control

With experience of picking and packing, Keiren wasn’t entirely sure he could easily change tracks into Britain’s oldest transport industry. Luckily, his Steps To Work Job Coach, Kerry, did not share his self-doubt and Keiren is not only kickstarting his new career as a Tram Driver, but is working towards his first pay rise.

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